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Anyone using Time Warner HDTV service?


We had a problem with our HDTV cable box today whereby we had to place a call to Time Warner Cable.  After resetting the system as the rep instructed us to, we noticed that a few of the high definition channels we were receiving before were no longer available....CNN (710) and Food Network (750).  We asked the rep why we no longer were able to access these channels, and she said that they are now part of a new tier of service that customers must pay for.   I found that pretty strange, as we were receiving both channels up until we placed the phone call today.  As a matter of fact, I was watching CNN up to 1/2 an hour before we called.  Here's my question:

If you subscribe to HDTV, are you paying for CNN and Food Network, or are they part of your basic HDTV package?  Thanks!

We had a similar problem when we first signed up with Time Warner, in early June. We had every available channel but the Food Network. The installation rep told us that Food Network was a premium channel and we would have to pay extra for it. We called up Time Warner to complain and the telephone rep told us that sometimes the box blocks channels by mistake, the Food Network is not a premium channel and that Time Warner has to refresh the signal to fix the problem. After the telephone rep reset the box we had Rachel, Mario, Bobby and the rest of the crew. The telephone rep also advised that turning the box off and unplugging it for a couple of minutes can have a similar effect on the box.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply JD.  To update, I called Time Warner later in the evening only to be told this time that we should be receiving CNN HD and Food Network HD.  This is not the first time that I've gotten conflicting information from Time Warner reps.  The first person was so adamant in her stance that these channels are now premium that I kind of leaned toward believing her.  I should know better.  Anyway, we reset the box again and still no CNN or Food TV.  They said they would work on the problem from behind the scenes and that my service should be restored within 72 hours.  Yeah, yeah... :tickedoff:


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