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Good Bread Recommendations in JH


Can anyone recommend a good place(s) to buy high quality bread, i.e. soft on the inside crusty on the outside, and whole wheat?
I haven't had much luck up and down 37th (yet)

I have been buying GREAT french bread the past two days at Cannelle -- 31st ave bet. 75/76.  They have other kinds, but I haven't tried them yet.  But I can strongly recommend their baguettes.  They're crispy on the outside, with a light and airy inside.  Enjoy!

Hey thanks for the tip.  I always view that area as "out of the way and down the hill" although it really isn't that far, and I could walk off some calories.  For those shorter trips, does anyone have other favorite spots for bread closer to 37th?  Thanks!

A while back, Shelby2 recommended the Polish Market on 37th near 80th.


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