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Someone in JH who can change an iPad Air 2 battery.


Does someone know a local repair man/shop?




--- Quote from: Lohan2b on October 10, 2021, 09:53:54 PM ---Does someone know a local repair man/shop?



--- End quote ---

1. Apple had a recall for on batteries for several of their products and will replace them for free regardless of the age of the product, or whether or not it is still under warranty. Check the Apple website.

2. It is best to have this repair done at the Apple store because:

3. There are no apple authorized service shops in the neighborhood (aside from the Apple store in Elmhurst), even though some claim to be. I would not trust any of the electronics stores around here to do this correctly if this device is essential for you.

You could try Adorama or B & H. There used to be a place in Park Slope/Greenwood, but I'm spacing on the name. Do NOT go to BestBuy.

Given the way that the PMUs work in Apple products work, changing a battery on an iPad (even an early one) isn't as straight forward as one would think. You really want an Apple authorized repair shop to do this and not one of the hacks around here.

If you are adventurous and like a difficult project, you could do it yourself. is the go-to source for guides, products and replacement parts for DIY repairs. I replaced a cracked iPhone screen and repaired a Nintendo Switch controller with their guides and it's really a lot of fun! Very satisfying too.

However, the iPad battery replacement looks really challenging. 25 steps just to get the damn screen off! Take a look at the guide:

That might help illustrate why it would be better to see if Apple can do a free replacement before giving your device to a local shop.

Try Power Button on 37th Avenue near 84th Street:


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