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Affordable Housing for Seniors



Queens Tribune
December 13, 2007
Finding A Way To Be Safe At Home

It is hard to imagine sleeping on couches and in a different place every month, but for many Queens seniors it is a reality.

The waiting list for senior housing projects can take up to 10 years, sometimes too long for the elderly. It does not take much for seniors on fixed income to lose their homes and it can be impossible to get another.
One man has made it his mission to help seniors with these problems and is working on a program to secure housing and all the services of a nursing home at cost.

Robert Costanza began Be Safe at Home in 2002 and has recently joined forces with the Elmhurst-Jackson Heights Senior Center, 75-01 Bdwy., and the United Yokefellow Ministry to buy foreclosed homes, renovate them for seniors and offer them to the community. Already the senior center has a list of 400 people in need of homes.

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