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Frozen Tamales?

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I'm looking for a place that specializes in tamales and sells them frozen.

I recently started buying frozen dumplings from Lao Bei Fang dumpling house and like to have them in stock at all times (only $15 for 50 pcs).

Growing up in LA, my parents used to do the same with frozen tamales. It just dawned on me that I could probably find some here in Jackson Heights / Corona.

I love the tamales that sell at the farmer's market, but those are fresh and I wouldn't want to freeze those.

Does anyone know of a place that sells them frozen in bulk?


Are you looking for Chinese tamales or Mexican tamales? You can find some frozen Chinese tamales in Chinese supermarkets in Elmhurst on Broadway. But best would be to go into Chinatown and stock up on more varieties.

I'm looking for Mexican tamales. Never heard of Chinese tamales, maybe I'll try those too!

"Chinese tamales" are known as Zongzhi, available at most dim sum or Chinese pastry shops. Fay Da on Broadway and 75th, across from the large supermarket, does a pretty good one. they contain a variety of items (all together) in glutinous rice and wrapped in a lotus leaf. there's usually some shredded beef, hard boiled egg, a nugget of Chinese sausage and sometimes dried shrimp.

LOL Guys ;D

Chinese tamales sound great, I will try them.

But I'm trying to find MEXICAN frozen tamales.


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