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AOC Just Couldn't Wait...

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You can say that again. AOC's narcissism makes her blind to the fact that attending that event reveals her hypocrisy and is a mockery of her so called ideologies. And betrays her constituents in Jackson Heights. Astounding.

This reminds me of Melania's fashion statement. "I really don't care, do u?" When Melania visited the children detained at the border.

Equally tone deaf. But both instances reveal their truths.

AOC  craving to be part of that rich MET world. Melania not really caring.

^One could argue -- as A O-C will, no doubt -- that unlike Melania's fashion faux pas, hers was intended to subvert the event and its exclusionary sociopolitical implications. Unfortunately, despite a "Tax the rich" slogan on a designer dress, attending a gala for the 1% gives the far right even more fodder against any real progressive agenda.

At the same time, what did we on the left really expect from someone whose initial funding came from a 'techbro'? Color me surprisedNOTsurprised, though still very disappointed.

Attending the met gala is an example of corruption? (how? corruption in politics implies pay-for-play or pay-not-to-do-anything? how does wearing an expensive dress to a fashion gala imply corruption?)

 or hypocrisy (by attending an event with rich people..... somehow you are betraying the poor?)

These are inane statements devoid of logic or reasoning, and stoop to the level of smears.

While y'all are whining like children distracted by a shiny bauble, about AOC wearing a dress, "moderate" Dems and Republicans in congress are literally selling your children's future to billionaires.


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