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Co-ops in JH that are pet friendly

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My co-op currently does not allow dogs (cats are ok).
Before starting a petition, I wanted to find out which buildings in Jackson Heights allow dogs. 
Are there specific conditions or requirements? Pet agreements? Size requirements?
Any other considerations?

Thanks for any info!

We are dog owners, in a pet friendly coop, but if you bought a place with a "no dogs" rule, so did others.

 It's not fair to owners to change rules to their home. 

Dogs were allowed in our building up to 20 years ago when the board decided to change this rule. It might have been due to lazy and inconsiderate dog owners.

The demographic of the building has changed a lot in the past decade and many neighbors have expressed interest in having dogs. I am only trying to assess whether the majority of our building is for or against changing this rule.

Our co-op voted for a one-off exemption for someone to keep a dog temporarily.

The trouble was that when left alone in the apartment the dog barked incessantly.

And so I don't think the co-op will vote that way again...

Our small coop recently approved the first dog in many years, but only after drawing up an agreement that specified what issues would trigger a request to the shareholder to find a new home for the dog. Our rules say dogs only by special permission, and I have heard that in the past there were dogs that did create noise and mess that bothered other tenants significantly. With most of us now working from home--and the kids here doing school at home--it's even more important that a dog not bark all day long and disrupt everyone. But we did approve the dog, which has recently arrived, and so far I've not heard a peep out of her. And she's really cute. I hope it works out, but on the other hand, I do think that in a small coop it might be a problem if everyone had a dog. Especially if they were larger dogs, who might not only bark but also make considerable noise running around the apartment.


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