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November Events for Expectant and New Parents!


Hi, everyone,

I hope you're well. I'd love to see you at one of these upcoming events. Please reach out with any questions at all!

best wishes,

Upcoming Events for New & Expectant Parents!

Meet the Doulas!
Sunday 11/1 at 5pm
A free event to learn more about doula support options and meet some local doulas!

VOTE & remind everyone you know!
Tues 11/3 (or earlier!)

Birth Prep Quickie Mini Class!
Thursday 11/5 at 6:30pm
Wondering if a birth class is right for you, or just want the basics and what to expect? Need a refresher for baby #2 (or 3)? Join us! You get a mini-workbook and a discount on the full class if you decide to sign up.

New Parent / Breastfeeding Support Group
Monthly on second Tuesdays at 10:30am, by donation
11/10 and 12/8
Join us to give/receive support to those adjusting to parenthood in these turbulent times. Informal and supportive setting. 

Childbirth Education
Tues & Thurs evening 11/10 and 11/12
Birth class for busy New Yorkers! Connect with your partner/support person, clarify your birth vision and options, and feel prepared to meet your baby!

Breastfeeding/Baby Feeding Prep Class
Tues evening 11/17
Your mom doesn't get why you want to, and your BFF can't imagine why you wouldn't. Is it the hardest or the easiest thing? Prepare for nursing and nourishing your baby in this one-evening class.

Postpartum/Newborn Prep Class
Thurs evening 11/19
Is it possible to bring a baby home and NOT feel like you just a-bombed your life? We think so. Join us for real talk on newborn and postpartum prep so you won't feel blindsided when your new boss arrives. 


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