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Baby Squirrel

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Octavio Hernandez:
Hi, any ideas what to do with a baby squirrel?  It was found in a local garden, and we believe its mother was killed.  Thanks.

Try wild bird fund on upper west side

Octavio Hernandez:
Hi, thanks for the lead...I will contact them.  Cute little squirrel, but needs help if he is to survive.  I will let you know how it goes.

Are you positive the mamma squirrel is dead? Can you put it in a warm box near where you found it to see if the mamma comes back? Are there other babies? It might take a few hours for her to come back.  The nest might have been destroyed and Squirrels usually have several nests.

Octavio Hernandez:
Hi, someone had found a dead squirrel in the garden shortly before we found the baby squirrel wandering around on the grass.  We have a little box for it with a small blanket and it stayed in it over night.  We have been feeding it some peanut butter (which it loves), and giving it milk through an eye dropper.   I am contacting some NYC agencies today. 


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