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Christmas trees?


Anyone have a favorite christmas tree vendor? Anyone buy one yet this season and have a good/bad experience?

We've been buying our trees from the fruit/veggie market located on the corner of 78th and 37th Avenue for the past few years.  If you live nearby, they'll schedule free delivery for you.  All you have to do is add a nice tip to the delivery guy.  Have also had positive experiences with the guys that set up shop near the florist next door to Jahn's also on 37th Avenue.

The times that we've purchased trees from the vendors along Northern Blvd. near Home Depot, we've been attracted by the signs advertising 6 ft. trees for $19.95.  By the time we got home, we had spent $60 to $80 instead.  Call us suckers!   :embarassed:

The corner of 78th and 37th usually has a great variety to choose from.  The service is great as well.  An employee/vendor assisted my family well.  They were able to modify the tree for me and molded the trunk to shape into my stand at home.   

Bonito Flakes:
I just picked up a tree at Fruitel on 78th and 37th Ave. yesterday- only $30. They were really friendly and tied up the tree for me.

I just watered it and put some lights up and it looks great. Hopefully it doesn't dry out before Christmas  :P


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