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Hi everyone,
I'm new to Jackson Heights and was wondering if any of you have suggestions for volunteer opportunities in the neighborhood: tutoring, ESL, or any other area. Thanks!

I don't have firsthand experience with this group, but you could try New Immigrant Community Empowerment (in JH).
Here is a link to that organization's listing with the Mayor's Volunteer Center

and if you go to the home page of the Mayor's site and type in your zip code, a long list of other opp's comes up as well.

Maybe someone else will be able to give you a personal recommendation for something they have participated in nearby.

I know that has ongoing volunteers throughout the year.  This is a senior rehabilitation center and assisted living facility located on 35th Avenue and 71st Street.  I know they have volunteers that visit residents/patients and perform musical acts, chat with people, read, etc.

I volunteer through New York Cares at an immigrant center in Woodside just a couple of stops away called Emerald Isle Immigrant Center. We tutor people (mostly Spanish speaking adults) to help them with their citizenship tests and learning English in general (since most of the test is proving you know English). It's very rewarding program. It's 6:30-8 every monday.

Looking for volunteers to clean my house. Interested?  :laugh:


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