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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Driving Schools?
« Last post by deja on Today at 03:07:40 AM »
Try Golden Star Driving School in Astoria.  The owner and instructor, Joseph Oliveira, is awesome.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: 2 men violently attacked in JH
« Last post by Garsleat on Yesterday at 10:04:18 PM »
That is so painful to watch, but I got to say that lady needs to do more to stop her friend. He was acting crazy.

This criminal has anger issue and needs serious, serious help and discipline.  Praying speedy recovery to this family, but the traumatic aftermath would be very long-lasting.
Neighborhood Chat / 2 men violently attacked in JH
« Last post by sl on Yesterday at 08:16:08 PM »
This is horrible.
Pets and Animals / Re: Dog Boarding and Dog Walking
« Last post by am315 on Yesterday at 06:02:24 PM »
Dog walking will run you about $15-$20 for a half hour. I have used the Rover app, which allows you to search by location/neighborhood. I don't love the app but it has helped me find walkers, especially in a pinch.

There is a doggy day care place in Astoria that charges $35 for a full day and $18 for a half. I have never tried it but it's called NYC Pet Services.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: New Coned scam - phone and text
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 04:55:46 PM »
a new one, and a really poorly executed one. "Con Edition" only sends communications via Telex.
Insults will not change the Open Street situation.

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Petition started for "compromise" on 34th Ave Open Streets
« Last post by r on Yesterday at 03:43:28 PM »

  It's an attack that this poster seems most interested in as their information is flawed and that has been pointed out repeatedly with the same rejoinders of how they are "the future of ...". I question if this is a good strategy if you really did want Open Streets as a good quality, well-designed community oriented program, which by definition would investigate areas of disagreement and look to solve those issues to the best of their ability.
 Here, it's just pointed, unfounded attacks and some high and mighty conjectures. The DOT says they are listening for now and I don't doubt they are concerned about keeping 34th ave open because they are the group tasked with traffic flow and it's not working very well at the moment. And all kinds of people are tripping over themselves with "designs....for 34th Ave" in a way that is almost comedic but it's not really a funny story. To be continued...

This paragraph is basically incomprehensible.

Just because a paragraph has more than one sentence in it doesn't make it incomprehensible

At this point I have to assume you are a troll
Neighborhood Chat / Re: New Coned scam - phone and text
« Last post by Shelby2 on Yesterday at 03:37:32 PM »
From Con Edison's website:

"Scammers looking to rip off Con Edison customers have begun asking them to make payments by Cash App and Zelle.

Con Edison does not support these platforms for payment. Any customer who gets a request to pay a Con Edison bill by Cash App or Zelle should beware that the person making the request is a scammer who will steal the money.

The company is marking the Federal Trade Commission’s National Consumer Protection Week by again warning customers that they should be aware of scammers. Con Edison is a member of Utilities United Against Scams, a group of companies that seeks to educate customers about signs that someone is trying to steal from them.

Con Edison gets complaints every day from customers saying they received suspicious phone calls from people claiming to be from the company and demanding money.

These callers often say the customer owes money and service will be turned off unless the customer immediately buys a pre-paid card and provides the scammer with the number. Once the customer puts money on the card and provides the scammer with the card number, the scammer steals the money.

These callers sometimes point the customer to a store that sells pre-paid cards. The scammers target residential and business customers in all parts of Con Edison’s New York City and Westchester County service area. Spanish-speaking customers often receive calls from scammers who are fluent in Spanish.

Con Edison does not accept payment by pre-paid debit cards, MoneyGram or similar transfers. The company does not call customers and demand immediate payment. Further, Con Edison has stopped turning off service for non-payment during the health emergency.

Never arrange payment or divulge account or personal information, including debit or credit card information, over the phone unless you are certain you are speaking to Con Edison. If you are unsure call 1-800-75-CONED to check.

Scam callers can even make a Con Edison phone number show up on the customer’s caller ID.

Sometimes impostors go to a customer’s home or business and try to get money by saying the customer is delinquent on Con Edison bills and threatening a service turnoff.

If someone comes to your home or business claiming to be from Con Edison, ask for identification. If you are still unsure, call 1-800-75-CONED.

Customers should also be aware of these scammer tactics:

  • A scammer may call a business or residential customer and say a computer glitch prevented the customer’s payments from being recorded. These scammers then urge the customer to buy a pre-paid card.
    Someone calls and says the customer owes Con Edison a deposit for a smart meter. The caller tells the customer to make an immediate payment by Bitcoin. This scam usually targets businesses.
    Con Edison does not require deposits for smart meters or accept payment by Bitcoin.
    Some impostors who knock on a residential customer’s door try to talk their way inside to steal or even commit an assault.
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