Author Topic: Invitation to our GAME STORE! FREE EVENTS FOR KIDS! free magic demos!  (Read 2013 times)

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check it out!  we're a relatively new game store on 7814 roosevelt ave. inside superior pharmacy

Fridays at 4 PM we have free Yu-gi-oh! jr. hobby league where kids play for free and can win prizes!

on Thursdays at 4 PM and on Sundays at 11 AM we have Pokemon League play where kids can get free booster packs just for playing and can earn their pokemon league badge if they attend enough league play events!  (and it's all FREE!)

We are an officially sanctioned Yu-gi-Oh! and Pokemon league location!

we also have free video game play on tuesdays on our marvel vs. capcom 2 arcade machine. finishing with our $100 tournament at the end of the month!

we are also glad to host tabletop gaming session etc.
(and we will also demo some of our magic tricks for you free of charge!)

please feel free to visit our website at

laterz. :coolsmiley:

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