Author Topic: Looking for JH sublet or apartment share - 8/20 through Thanksgiving  (Read 1562 times)

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Hi Everyone,

A neighborhood friend asked me to pass this request on:    Internationals Network is opening a school in San Francisco in Fall 2009, and the principal-designee is coming to NYC from August 20, 2008 through Thanksgiving 2008.  Sonia Geerdes, the principal designee, will be interning at Flushing International High School this fall.  The apt that the organization lined up for her just fell through.  Sonia Geerdes is in need of a sublet or apt share in JH from August 20 through Thanksgiving.  Sonia would live by herself there, but her husband is planning on coming out during her stay here at least once, maybe twice for a long weekend.The rent and apt expenses will be covered by the organization and clearly she is a serious professional, no pets, etc.  Anyone who has an apt share or sublet available can contact Thomas Thomson at thomas.thomson@ internationalsne or 212-868-5180. 

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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