Author Topic: Cat, possibly a stray, with broken leg behind my building - What to do?  (Read 1190 times)

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There is a cat behind my building -- could be a stray or a pet (not sure).  Looks like he/she has a broken rear leg.  Any suggestions as to an animal rescue I can contact about this?  I called one animal rescue and was directed to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals website. From there, I found the number for the city's Animal Care Center.  I've left a voicemail message but haven't heard back yet.

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Do you know if the cat is feral or friendly?  You could try Bobbi and the Strays.  They are a rescue group.  Animal Care and Control is a kill shelter so the cat will most probably just be euthanized.  Where are you located?
I will ask around to see if there is anyone else
Can you feed him because he most probably cannot go hunting for food.

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Is the back of your building accessible from the street? Can you take a picture of the cat and post the address? Advocat rescue might be able to help. I can't seem to find a number for them but they have a website and facebook page.