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Cat Found by Home Depot!

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A cat was found in Jackson Heights/East Elmhurst area. Please contact me with details about the cat if you think it is yours! Definitely want to find the owners of this sweet cat. Will be taking the cat to a vet tomorrow (everything's closed for Labor Day) to check if they are microchipped. Really want to find this (very clearly domestic) cats owner and reunite!!

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Also, if anyone knows of an East Elmhurst message board that I could post about it on, that would be really appreciated.

Beech Court:
That's really good of you dz.  :)

Collars with tags can be helpful especially if the owner is noted on them. They can also fall off.
If you love your pets then the chip is best! My dog has both.

Thanks, Beech Court! Yes, the cat has a collar but no name or contact into on it. Just decorative. We have pets already, so we really need to find the cats owner! Poor buddy.

Do you know a message board for East Elmhurst?

you could try the "Jackson Heights 11372" page on Facebook if you're a member. it has a pretty wide reach.


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