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hey kitties and doggies owners birds fish and hamsters also reptiles and bunnies and guinea pigs all pet owners of JH area , good news a cool tiny pet food and supplies is coming soon , please help us get some votes on how many four legged and other two feets pets are around this beautiful area , we need to know some statistics numbers and welcoming full houses are waiting for our free delivery service,say good bye to chewy and amazon , we deliver right away to your door step with a big smile :O)

Hope you guys are going to give us a beautiful big smile and green light to come to you ,......... votes please befor the nov votes lol

Thank you thank you thank you

Beech Court:
Are you planning a regular pet store, or is this a supply and delivery only?
Really the only place left is Petco and that's a schlep over there. Something on 37th would be nice.

Yes food supplies accessories supplements and but no grooming:)

You may find rents more reasonable on 35 th ave. Perhaps near the vets office
I know the cat feeders relied on coral aquarium for supplies. They don’t buy gourmet but they buy a lot and consistently


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