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Deshi Biryani has been through a number of incarnations in recent years -- as a Bangladeshi restaurant called Grameen, then a place promising everything from Indian to Thai food, then a pretty good steam table-type place.  Its latest edition, back to a Bangladeshi restaurant with no more steam tables, shouldn't be missed.  It's getting great reviews on Chowhound.  And here's another blogger who declares it "yes another reason to get out of Manhattan"

I noticed this weekend that they finally have take-out menus available.  And, perhaps taking a cue from Espresso 77, they also offer free wifi.

Here's a review from the Village Voice last fall.

Anybody have a favorite dish to order there?

I happen to Desi Biryani, through all it's incarnations. I went there recently with a co-worker, who is from Manhattan, and it was better than ever. This was about a month ago.

I have been a couple of times and have been unimpressed.  A lot of their dishes are not very specific--like "Chicken curry."  I could see a generic dish like that in another hood, but here?!  I haven't had the Biryani though, and maybe that's better.  Also the service was pretty bad and they shortchanged me.

We went to Deshi Biryani and were unimpressed.  My wife ordered the house specialty and it was only so-so; as was my biryani.

I've tried this place and didn't really think much of it either - especially the fact that if you pick up the food to go, it's given to you ice cold.  Now isn't that illegal/unsanitary - you're supposed to hold hot food in a steam table at 145 degrees.  Desi Biryani does this, Kebab Cafe does it, and I won't go back to them because of that. Anyone have any secrets as to how these places aren't making tons of people sick?


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