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Mural on Northern Blvd


Have you seen the mural above the storefront on Northern Blvd between 81st and 82nd streets? It’s right between Black Thai and Mi Tierra. We’ve walked past it so many times and because of the angle, i never got a good look at it. Northern being so chaotic, i never looked through traffic to get a full picture, until yesterday, while driving. For the first time I saw the full mural and the artist’s signature during a red light.

The artists is a Colombian muralist and goes by the name Ledania. I found their instagram account and was impressed to see their signature vibrant colorful murals all over the world. This goes to show yet another hidden (in plain sight) gem in Jackson Heights. Before covid, when the space was undergoing construction, a pretty cement tile caught my eye on the bar. The place was looking modern and stylish. Now it sits empty and for rent, a reminder of what could have been if not for a worldwide pandemic that crashed someone’s dream to open a restaurant cool enough to commission a mural on its storefront.

Take a moment next time you walk past it, and check out the artist’s many murals.

Does anybody know what that restaurant was supposed to be or any updates on the space?

Ms. Jackson:
I noticed it a few weeks ago and thought it was beautiful and fun. I'm glad to know who the artist is. Thanks for sharing the ig. Too bad the space is sitting empty. Maybe whatever moves in will keep the mural.

I've noticed it too and hope its a harbinger of things to come. I think when I looked on the posted work notice though it didn't seem like it was becoming a restaurant. I noticed that cause I thought it was weird to have that mural with a regular retail store. Hope it is a restaurant or a nice prepared foods place. Middle Eastern anyone?

Passed by there tonite, they were 2 men  working inside )

I don't think it will be a food establishment,  after looking at work permit on window.


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