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Fresh Direct's firing of immigrant workers


Here's an interesting article regarding the recent firing of immigrant workers at Fresh Direct in Long Island City.  It seems these firings may be considered as union busting attempts by Fresh Direct.  I couldn't find the online article from today's Daily News, but its print version states that most of these workers are involved in the packaging department and are very distraught over losing their jobs.  Fresh Direct claims to be assisting the INS as they check up on employee documents.  Hmmm......

December 24, 2007
Fresh Direct Workers Vote Down Union

Employees at FreshDirect’s Plant Operations warehouse voted overwhelmingly against unionization over the weekend. Given options of joining either the United Food & Commercial Workers, the Teamsters, or no union at all, 80 percent of the employees voted “no union.” The vote comes in the midst of an ongoing labor crisis at the warehouse; over one hundred undocumented workers were forced out earlier this month as FreshDirect announced an imminent inspection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement [I.C.E.].

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