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OLDTIMERS! Did you live in Jackson Heights at any time prior to 1950?

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coincidentally the same address of the garden country day school -- where my parents sent me

Just recently discovered this site.

Lived in Jackson Heights from birth in 1941 until end of 1956, 86-10 34th Avenue, when we had to move after my father’s death. Watched as the tennis club disappeared plus the empty lots where lots of sports were played. In the end, schoolyards and streets were the playgrounds. Lots of good memories of fun and friends.

K-5: P.S. 149
6-8: Garden Country Day School - basketball plus a couple operettas
9-10: Trinity School in Manhattan

Attended St. Mark’s for church and Cubs.

Friends - I’m sure I’ll leave some out:

Neighborhood friends: Billy Nussbaum, Lance Gaude, the Lyons brothers

Male-Doug Floren, Tommy Thulin, Ray Liggio.
Female- Dee Layer, Val Curtin, Mary Anne M.

Trinity- Went together with Doug Floren and Tommy Thulin from GCDS

I was sad to leave JH, but, obviously, my life changed dramatically.


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