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OLDTIMERS! Did you live in Jackson Heights at any time prior to 1950?

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If you are an "OLDTIMER" who lived in Jackson Heights prior to 1950, you might want to drop a line here.

Just tell us who you are/were, and where you lived, and just about anything else you'd like to say.

There isn't a heck of a lot of time left... We are dropping like flies now. :'(

Lived in Jackson Heights from 1944 until 1980. I remember the area before IS 145,Northridge and SouthRidge..before Elmhurst General and before the Library.


--- Quote from: Kestral342 on December 05, 2010, 05:42:46 PM ---Lived in Jackson Heights from 1944 until 1980.

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Where did you live?  I lived on 93rd St. from 1939 until 1942 when we moved to 89-14, 34th Ave. I left Jackson Heights in 1954.

It was so good to have those empty fields ('The Lots') to play in.

Born in 1938 and lived at 34-57-82nd Street with my folks who moved there when they were married in 1930. Went to nursery school at Mrs. Wills (right alongside of Garden Country Day School), P.S. 69 for Kindergarten, and St. Joan of Arc Grammar School graduating in 1952. Loved the lots in Jackson Heights for playing ball, burning Christmas trees, etc., and missed them in the late 40's after WW II when they all seemed to disappear.  Was a cub scout in Pack 201 at St Mark's Episcopal Church, and a scout in Troop 217 at P.S. 69. Had many good friends growing up and remember many, many good times.   

Hi, first time poster here. I grew up in J Hts from 1944 til about 64 , my parents lived in the same apartment on 94th St and 35th av from 1931 until they died in the 80's. I don't remember myself but Blessed Sacrament church was originally an out building of St Joan of Arc towed up 35th av to 93rd st; I do remember the new church in about 1954. Junction Blvd had streetcars in my early memories. I remember the Quonset huts along Northern blvd, and seeing wizard of Oz at the Corona Theater with my mother. I remember the lots, the hill lot, the tree lot. Hill lot was named for the section of 94th from 34th to 35th(a little slope we called the hill) yet we managed sleds in the winter.I remember the men singing in the courtyards for change  thrown out the windows , wrapped in a tissue, by the housewives, the scissor sharpener, scrap iron wagon and horse. I remember the entire student body of Blessed Sacrament being brought to the Polk theater to see "Song of Bernadette".


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