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« on: May 13, 2021, 11:51:30 PM »
How are everyone's 1-5 rankings for mayor shaping up? It's one month from early voting.

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Re: Mayor
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 The debate last night was the first time I've given it much thought. My choices based a lot on what I've heard there are in this order: Kathryn Garcia, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Andrew Yang and Diane Morales. Am moving between demonstrated, solid leadership skills and new ideas that sound intriguing and feel worth a try. Shaun Donovan, Ray McGuire and Eric Adams all feel competent but not the best fit for this position and this time in our city IMHO.

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Re: Mayor
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i'd say my two top choices are Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams. Maya Wiley and Diane Morales a fairly distant third and fourth. the bottom rung includes Yang and McGuire, both wealthy "outsiders" who've never actually had to work with anyone else.

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Re: Mayor
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Garcia is my top choice.  Still deciding about 2 - 5.  I like a lot of what Donovan says.  I like Wiley, but I'm concerned about her ability to execute.  (DeBlasio has said a lot of good things, but he's so incapable as a manager he is rarely able to deliver.)

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Re: Mayor
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Glad to see this support for Garcia because although she is clearly the most qualified, she doesn't have the most vibrant screen persona. I "attended" a Zoom forum with the candidates about a month ago sponsored by a bike advocacy group. When we discussed safety issues, Garcia clearly articulated the need for NYPD, DOT, and EPA to work together, not at odds or in competition. It was clear that Yang knew absolutely zip about how the city actually works. Stringer is also very much in the know. The rest, not so much. I think the moment is right for a tough, high qualified woman to be mayor. I voted for Chris Quinn not De Blasio the last time even as many friends went for big Bill. I don't regret my choice. 

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