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Re: Dog Walker
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I use a local woman named Karin for walks during the day. She's very reliable, and always sends a text message (often with a picture) telling me how the walk went. Let me know if you'd like her contact info.
For day care and/or boarding I use Janet of Bed & Biscuits and can't speak more highly of her. I think my dog likes Janet more than she likes me! Janet includes pick up and drop off and gathers up a bunch of neighborhood pups to run around in a dog park nearby. My doggo loves it and comes home tired every day.
I would strongly caution AGAINST using NY Paw Pals. They lost my dog while I was out of town - thankfully we found her after 2 days of searching, but it was terrible. To make matters worse, every time I asked them what happened, their story changed. They were very nice people but I just don't trust them.

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Re: Dog Walker
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Rosie, that must have been awful! I'm so glad you found your pup safe and sound. 

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Re: Dog Walker
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