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Who remembers the Sunnyside swimming pool -- (late 40's)


It wasn't in Jackson Heights but we used to take the elevated train -- a nickel then -- from 90th St. and Roosevelt to (can't remember the stop --- was there a Sunnyside stop?) where, for twenty five cents you got a locker, a key (with an elastic band that went around your wrist), and could swim all day... A lot of kids from Jackson Heights went there. The only other pool we knew about was in Whitestone, a long ways off.

A girl my age (about 10 or 11) -- her name was Janet -- used to run around the pool and shove me in when I was standing at the edge. I would angrily ask my friend,Jackie Dugan, why she was doing this and he replied that he thought "She's nuts! She likes you."  Girls matured more quickly than boys in those days. :)

Hi ercillor.  I came across a few vintage photographs posted on the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce website.  A couple of the photos included were taken at a pool located in Sunnyside Queens.... perhaps the pool you refer to in your post above?  In order to view the pool photos, you have scroll through some others at the site.

Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce

Thanks Chuckster,

I found it.

Oh yeah, went there often during summers growing up in Jackson Heights. Ah, but during my earlier years living in Astoria, my sister and I used to take the bus to the Astoria Pool under the Tri-boro Bridge. We practically lived there during the summer months.


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