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Any pics of Blessed Sacrament


Hi there...does anyone have a picture of the 35th Avenue side of the former Blessed Sacrament School (now PS 280)? When it was converted to a public school, they covered up all of the religious imagery that was on the 35th Avenue facade of the school and I can't remember what it looked like...and I went to this school for eight years! I seem to think that the opening lines of the Our Father were over the double doors (or it might have just said "Blessed Sacrament School?") There are also metal plates bolted over two images carved into the stone, higher up on the facade, and I can't for the life of me remember what was there.

I understand why they had to "secularize" the school but it seems a shame to hide the art that made the building unique, although at least they just covered it up instead of destroying it altogether. It looks like they left an image of the host, but it's so abstract that it just looks like a design element. Anyway, if anyone has any photos of the original facade, I'd love it if you could share them. Thanks! 


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