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Louis Armstrong in the neighborhood

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More interesting photos from the Life collection at Google:

Louis Armstrong in Corona

Anybody recognize this location?

Chuckster: has a nice write-up today on the Louis Armstrong House in Corona.  It's part of the site's "Offbeat" places to visit.

Louis Armstrong House in Corona Queens: Catch a glimpse of Satchmo's life

Jackson Heights Times
Armstrong biographer brings book to Corona
By Anna Gustafson
Thursday, January 14, 2010 7:12 PM EST

When Louis Armstrong first saw his home in Corona in 1943, he told his cab driver to stop joking with him and bring him to the correct address — the house before him was just too grand.

“One look at that big fine house, and right away I said to the driver, ‘Aw, man, quit kidding and take me to the address that I’m looking for,’” author Terry Teachout describes Armstrong as saying in his recently released biography of the jazz legend.

Teachout sat in Armstrong’s much loved Queens home where he lived out his days for a party Saturday in honor of Teachout’s 475-page tome, “Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong,” published in December by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

“There are many books about Louis Armstrong, but oddly no one until now has written the definitive chronological Louis Armstrong biography,” said Michael Cogswell, director of the Louis Armstrong House Museum.

Follow link for complete article

The Louis Armstrong House and Museum is offering special presentations in honor of Black History Month 2010.

NY1 Video:

Louis Armstrong House Highlights Jazz Man's Civil Rights Fight

Selma Heraldo, neighbor and close friend of the Armstrongs, and well known member of the Corona community, has recently passed away.  Condolences to her friends and family.

The New York Times has a nice profile of her.


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