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82nd-83rd St & 37th Ave Fire

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I hear some people talk about this in passing and I was wondering when this happend, & what were the stores that burned down, resulting in the current office complex/parking lot/Rite Aid.

Were all the stores on that side of the street one story high as the other is?

I believe the block that you are referring to was all one story,  all pre war architecture.  There were several mom and pops stores.  The  only one that I now remember was a really nice stationary store. Before the area was landmarked there were two fires.  One which partially burnt down the block---as a warning--- and an other one soon  followed that burnt down everything in its' entirety.  Although I can not personally attest to this, rumor had it that they were purposefully destroyed to make way for the monstrosity that currently exist. I remember speaking to the owner of the stationary store at the time and this is what he had told me.  The block was low density and very quaint.

Here's a New York Times article from 1994 on the subject of the building located at 82nd and 37th Avenue.

PERSPECTIVES; In Jackson Heights, a New Building Evokes the Past

Three of the stores that burned were all favorites of mine:

The Continental Restaurant was exactly that a nice Continental Restaurant with a nice bar.
Mike's Deli was a deli where you could order a sandwich or hot food and sit in a booth and eat in.
Glendale Bake Shop - was on the 82nd Street side and in addition to being a nice bakery had a nice deli section.

I think there was also a camera store there. Oldst yle, they sold all types of film, developed pictures, and repaired cameras.


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