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The Idiots in NY School System & PS 69 First Day of School on a Hurricane 1960


In the midst of these times, I suddenly remembered the idiot decision by the NY Board of Education not to cancel classes on the first day of school despite Hurricane Warnings in September 1960 and my genius mother sending me to school that day at PS 69. I especially remember this because no one at the Board of Education lost their job over this moron decision to have schools open as scheduled. I was in the third grade and basically what I remember of that day was at around 11:00 or so, they decided that yes, duh, there was a full Hurricane and we could all leave as long as a parent picked us up. My mother came and I remember we walked to our nearby grandparents home as our umbrellas all broke and stayed there until my father picked us up by car I think. The problem with being a kid then was lack of information and common sense. Our parents certainly had none as almost every kid showed up for class that day. Jackson Heights of Yesterday!


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