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aw the good old days,60s an 70s,jans ice cream place, bills lunchinette,albys bowing alley,ps 69 schoolyard,bill an ralphs,the "golden note" the junior batchlors,the briggans, dukes,hobo lords,saints,polk ave boys etc I an my girlfriend at the time remember jan's an the "in crowd of madilene ,Jeanette,linda,barbara an those wacky twins mary an jean. I was amused watching "Jeanette " an her boy friend rusty  'I'm looking in the mirror" paw each other in front of fields dept store. my girl friend  thought it was funny since rusty was dating her sister also.then we got older some went to collage some hit the bottles an drugs,fights at the golden note were common, bar bullies like buster, rusty, billy,sandy an the bad boy bunch from the splendon social club were always involed. I remember bert lownstein ,blattstein an the fuchs bros along with crazy mary,donny the brat an bobby the beatnik,after I finished college I went back to the heights an tried to hook up with some old friends  but couldn't find any   anyone out there from those tmes?????

82nd st lady:
I'm from those times and I have many wonderful memories. You don't have all your facts straight though. It was never the 70s. All the people you mention were from the 50s and  ery early 60s. Who are you? What is your first name


I'm an  old friend of arky,an doodoo

Who the hell is "Augie". I know all the people your talking about through all the generations. But unless your using a fictitious name you must have been on the outside looking in. What about the good things the Splendon's did such as dancing in the back of the note cleaning up the neighborhood where the club was. Don't even mention Bert Lowenstein in the same breath with us. He was a PS 69 resident who could throw a descent bowling ball. I knew him and liked him , but he was not one of us. I still don't know who you are and don't care but the guy's you spoke the worst of were and in some cases the best of my friends. I believe you mentioned my name. If you had any courage you would mention your name in a private email so I know who I'm jousting with.


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