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Does anyone remember the 77th Street park in the 60's?

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Lynn Brophy:
I lived in Jackson Heights from 3rd grade at PS 69, Joseph Pulitzer JHS 145 and onto Bryant for 2 years before I moved to Long Island with my father. If I am remembering correctly, I left sometime in 1966. I have so many great memories from living in Jackson Heights and remember having a great circle of friends through the years. I missed them terribly after I had left.

Here are some of the things that I remember: Toy City on 37th Ave., PS 69, Mrs Levi who flunked me in 3rd grade....who does that to a new kid coming in mid term, geez, and my favorite teacher Eli Jacobowitz who inspired me in 5th grade, candy store right across the street from PS 69, pizza store close to school (slice for .15), Hamburger Express which was my favorite (with Al cooking the hamburgers at lunchtime), Toddle House, Fish store on Roosevelt Ave that sold the best french fries that I have ever had in my entire life, Tito Puente sign in the window of a place on 37th Ave, Jahn's where my mother and I would eat dinner after her work, JHS 145, St Joan of Arc school where some of my friends went, Record store on 82nd street where I bought my first Beatles record, Fields department store, Jackson theater, Boulevard theater where I saw the Beatles movies and James Bond movies with my favorite guy back then, Vladimir Zea, and the 77th street park where I spent a lot of my time playing handball or just meeting up with friends from all around.

Does anyone remember any of those things? Is there anyone in this community that was in Jackson Heights during the 60's that remembers going to the park on 77th street, playing handball...or just meeting friends there? It was a wonderful time. Would love to hear from someone from back then who remembers any of this.

I could probably list a lot more but maybe someone could list what they remember which would stir some other memories from back then. They were all good times and good memories.

Hi Lynn,

I'm not a long-timer of JH (been here less than 10 years) but thought I would find you a couple of threads to read where people were discussing some of their memories.  Welcome to the board and feel free to browse around!

Any long time Jackson Heights residents out there?

Anybody from 34-58 90 street jackson Heights in the 1950- 1960 era

Toddle House

Loved the Toddle House.  Also the pizza place; two slices and a coke for forty cents.  Most of all, the fries at the fish store were the best I ever had.  Those were the days!

Hi Lynn Brophy, yes I remember the park and you from the 60's. Long time ago. Hope all is well. Tommy Kern

Vicki Unger:
I lived on 76th and 34th ave and the baseball diamond was right outside my window. I was in Mr Hartsteins class in 1964, PS 69 and used to go to the Pizza Place and Hamburger Express all the time. That park used to have sprinklers where I went as a small child. The monkey bars up the ramp and see saw too. The handball court below wasn't something I was into. Don't know if you knew that in the warm months they would have a band on occasion playing on the base ball field at night. So many friends that I can't locate. I moved to L.I. in 1965.
Vicki Unger


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