Author Topic: AMAZING NANNY AVAILABLE TO START ASAP  (Read 1131 times)

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« on: October 21, 2016, 11:34:52 AM »
Sadly, we moved to the burbs and no longer need my three sons' "second mother," Cheryl, with us as we need live-in help.
Cheryl has been a true blessing to our family... She started almost 4 years ago when my oldest was 3 months old. She came highly recommended and had impeccable references. At the time, I was working and Cheryl always showed up to work timely (if not early), was never sick and flexible with my crazy work schedule. She always arranged play-dates, took him to classes, parks and museums, and really kept my house in working order, whether it was doing light housekeeping, going grocery shopping or running errands. She was there for all stages of my son's development and he reached all milestones well in advance of any given age. For example, I remember her on the floor teaching him to crawl, which he did only shortly after her starting with us. When I had my twins 2 years later, Cheryl did not miss a beat. Overnight, she went from watching one kid to three, from having a working employer to a SAHM -- demonstrating her ability to quickly adapt to different family arrangements.
Unlike most nannies, she treats us like family. Her kind, nurturing and genuine love for my children makes her really stand out. Almost weekly she buys my sons (and me) things that she thinks they (or I) might like or need. She has never missed a birthday or holiday. She has called on weekends and vacation to check on my kids. She never talks on her phone while working and is the only person I know who can handle my 21-month old twins alone in the park or at class (I can't!!).
Cheryl is looking for a full-time, live-out position. She has received infant CPR and First Aid Training and has experience with twins and children with special needs.
Please PM me for Cheryl's contact information and for a more detailed reference.