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Kids rally for speed cameras-
« on: May 22, 2018, 12:41:06 PM »
ACTION ALERT! In the last 6 years, District 30 schools along Northern Boulevard have suffered child fatalities due to reckless drivers in every form. I'm working with DOT Safety Education to try to improve their programs and also the number of schools who DOT visits. Please, if your childs school or your PTA have seen a DOT presentation, please let me know. They think they are doing a good job, but as long as children and parents have to beg an elected official to try for years to get a stop sign- they are not doing a good job. And, PS. 152, IS230, IS 145, IS 227 are schools where kids have been killed right outside their doors. In the future, DOT has promised me they will pilot new programs and outreach in District 30 and District 24. But, I need your help now. It's about speed cameras. Right now, there are only 140 in the whole city and they only operate when school is in session. The Vision Zero Youth Council will be hosting a rally outside Governor Cuomo's Manhattan office on June 7th. (Chancellor's Day, no school for kids) VZYC was founded by a group of kids who lost friends in traffic violence in Brooklyn. My group, Make Queens Safer will help get Queens kids to this rally. We aim to fill two busses. The bussing will be free for all students. If your children, your PTA, your class, if you're a teacher, if anyone may be interested please let me know. You can email Here is the info from VZYC-
Speed safety cameras are one of the most effective tools we have to reduce speeding in New York City, and right now we are limited to only 140 of them for our 2,000+ schools. Speed safety cameras reduce speeding by over 60 percent where they've been implemented, and are proven to save lives. Right now, there is a bill to more than double the number of speed safety cameras that can be implemented to protect NYC kids. However, for this bill to become a law we need political leadership in Albany.
More background here.
The broad details of the rally (6/7):
What: Children United Rally Against Speeding (CURBS)
Who: Vision Zero Youth Council, Hundreds of Public School Students from All Five Boroughs, Elected Officials
When: Thursday, June 7th, 11am
Where: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office, 633 Third Ave (between 40th and 41st)
Thank you for your help. Until the city decides to make Vision Zero for Schools and adds someone to oversee school traffic safety, we will have to keep advocating. We can't lose another dear child or have another school community in grief counseling because they've lost a friend.

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Kids rally for speed cameras-
« on: May 22, 2018, 12:41:06 PM »