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Getting Ready to sell my 3 bdrm Large Co-op, anyone interested?


I have a 3 bedroom apt 1 bath and about to put it on the market through a broker but, before I do so I was curious to know if anyone was interested in buying?   ???

I live in the 70's between 37th and 35th Ave.

Just thought I would put this out there to see if anyone was looking 8)



Do you have any price in mind along with any pictures? :)

I don't have a price set yet or any pictures, as soon as I do I'll forward them to you. :(

Thanks. ;)


I have some friends who are looking in the neighborhood. They might be interested, but I don't know their budget. If you pm me, I can forward along your information.

I do have many clients in need of a three bedroom.  If you would like to contact me, I would certainly try my best to secure a ready, willing and able buyer for your property.  Be well.  Marlene Flores, JH Landmark


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