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Rental buildings in JH


When I moved to JH about 5 1/2 years ago, I wanted to move into a rental building for two reasons -- first, I was moving here from out of town and didn't have time to do much pavement pounding to visit individual-owned apartments; and second, in the past I had much better experiences dealing with larger building management companies than with small-time landlords/property managers.

I read an article in the Village Voice about JH featuring Washington Plaza (73-12 35th Ave.), and decided I wanted to live there.  But I could find no information online about who to contact about renting an apartment there.  I ended up asking my parents, who live on Long Island, to visit the building to see if they could find somebody to talk with.  Fortunately, that one building happens to have an office out front, and they were able to get the contact information for the management company (via a broker who charged me 1 month's rent).

Perhaps information on rental buildings in JH is now more readily available than it was 5 years ago.  For example, I found the broker for the Washington Plaza here:  But I haven't seen a list of JH rental buildings, and I imagine something of the sort would be useful if it doesn't exist.

So my questions for the board are:
Do you know of an online list of JH rental buildings, including contact information?
If not, do you know of any other buildings besides the Washington Plaza?   Please provide the building name, address, and (if known) contact information.


Erospolitico mentioned a rental building in a separate post.  Mind you, his post wasn't very favorable toward the property.  He listed it as:

The Crestwood
35-55 73rd Street


The Crestwood name appears on the Pelcorp website.

I know someone who lives in a rental building on 84th St. between 37th and 35th Ave.  I don't have the address available, but it is the first residential building on the right as you turn off 37th Ave on to 84th St.  As far as I know, it's a nice place to live.  The building is owned and run by Fisher Management in Manhattan.

 Vantage Residential has acquired a number of buildings in the Jackson Heights Historic District and they are tastefully remodeling them both the building and the rental units  .

Here is there website
and here are some of the buildings they own

Here's a list of the Vantage rental buildings:

[General discussion about the Vantage purchase has been moved to a new thread, Rental Buildings Go Corporate.]


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