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Windows at the Chateau

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Hi Reverse_Seared,

That apartment is the top floor. Therefore the windows are a bit different from lower floors by design.
If you look at the building facade photo you can see it better.


--- Quote from: agentarmen on May 25, 2021, 01:05:05 PM ---I think first thing to point out is that Chateau buildings are landmarked and the windows must be replaced in accordance with landmark rules. They must match the paint color , shape etc... To the best of my knowledge, these types of custom windows are very expensive.

--- End quote ---

The Greystones are also landmarked (as I'm sure you know) so that doesn't explain it. I think part of the issue from having looked at a few Chateau apartments when we were buying is that some small co-ops, including it seems like many of the Chateaus, treat windows as a co-op responsibility and thus the entire board/building has to agree to the upgrade (and it is quite expensive). I do think individual owners who might be otherwise inclined to upgrade their windows might hold out for their windows to be replaced as a co-op expense, with a discount for having the entire building done instead of just 1 unit. But then, you know, co-op inertia and then it never happens...

Most of the Greystone buildings have had their windows replaced and followed the Landmarks specifications. But there are some cases in which co-ops allowed individual owners to decide whether they wanted to replace the windows in their unit, which explains why in the same building you will see new and old windows. IMHO, window replacements should not be done piecemeal. If a building is contemplating new windows, the entire building should be done at the same time both for look and consistency but also because it allows the building to benefit from the energy and cost savings that can be achieved. There are many instances when a co-op needs to operate as a collective and this is surely one of them.


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