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new condo conversion in JH - 80th St and 35th ave

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here is a link to the sales info for the newly converted Stratford condos on 80th St and 35th Ave.

Seems like a pretty good (reasonable) price for a condo in the neighborhood these days.

It is great to see a rental building make the conversion to condos.

Is there any word on other rental buildings in Jackson Heights planning to convert?

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About a year ago there were several articles about 'one of the biggest condo deals' in NYC. It seems that Stafford Arms (or Hall), located on 35th Ave between 80th & 81st was going condo.

Has anyone out there heard any more about it? There was a flurry of ads, no pictures, in the Times real estate website, then nothing.

I'm not moving, but if there are affordable 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in the 'historic' area available it would be nice to know, or attend an Open House, just to look.

Months ago several agents in the nabe talked it up. Now?

Beaudoin Realty seems to be showing some of the units there

Didn't the Stratford Hall conversion involve something like 190 units or more?  If I remember correctly, the conversion involved buildings located on 35th Avenue (the one named Stratford Hall), in addition to two other buildings located on 74th and 83rd Streets.  All the talk seemed to be focused on the 35th Avenue building though.


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