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Any long time Jackson Heights residents out there?

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I grew up in Woodside, but I've been living in JH for the last 25 years. Here are a few places I miss:

74 street, between 37th and Roosevelt ~ Jay Dee bakery
2 variety stores an 37th ave. Abe Hill (74/75 st.) and Marvel (83/84 st.)
Luigi's Restaurant ~ 37th ave, 84 st.
Tien Chau ~ Roosevelt around 76 st and #1 Chinese on 82 st. off Roosevelt.
 I also remember the Colony movie theatre on 82 st. between 37th ave. and Roosevelt, as well as Clarks (dept. store).
Dragonseed restaurant on 37th ave. and 86 st.
What's now M + V cafe was Winston bagels, and the decent fish store mentioned above on 37th. and 76st. was called Scorpio.

There was also a good German style deli on 37th. ave 73/72 street, a Greek butcher on 37th. around 78 st and another butcher on Roosevelt and 82/83 st. 

There's probably more, but I can't remember right now.

My family moved to Jackson Heights from Woodside in 1962, but prior to that we visited Jackson Heights quite frequently to shop, dine out and go to the movies.  "The building that currently houses The Renaissance Charter School on 37th ave between 81st and 82nd used to be C&S a horrible department store that no one ever went to" was, for many years prior to that, a quite popular department store called Fields.  It gave out distinctive black and white shopping bags and was there for as long as I can remember (back through the early '50's.)  May its memory live on !!

--- Quote from: Aronan on November 23, 2007, 08:47:54 PM ---I'm born and raised in Jackson Heights.

I went to PS 69 and IS 145 when they were literally half the size they are now.

Across the St. from PS 69 there used to be a Sizzler where the Jewish Community Center now stands.

The liquor store mentioned above was actually on 73rd st. It was Sam's Liquor Store, Sam always  gave me pennies when I went in there with my father.

On the corner of 73rd St. and 37th road where Kabbab King is now, there used to be a place called Dumbarton Oaks, it was a stripper bar but prior to that it was actually a respectable restaurant (or so I've been told).

On the same block just past the Eagle (or Earle) theater there was a pizza shop, Benny and Tony were the father son team that ran the place. Sal's barber shop (now on 76th st.) was also there. Sal still cuts my hair some times. A tiny little deli that never seemed to do any business, and The Magic Touch an old style gay bar. Across the st. there was a type writer repair show. which lasted for the longest time and I believe was replaced by a travel agent.

Going west on Broadway where the Korean Market is now, there used to be an A&P.

One more block west at 72nd and Broadway there was Gibbons, an Irish bar & restaurant. 

Over to 37th ave. near 79th St. where Novo currently is was Barrs Toy store. Next to it where the Starbucks is allegedly going was a bridal shop.

On the South side of 37th ave between 74th and 75th there was a Carvel Ice Cream store.

The building that currently houses The Renaissance Charter School on 37th ave between 81st and 82nd used to be C&S a horrible department store that no one ever went to. 

There was a candy store on the South East corner of 82nd St.

The Woolworth's on 82nd st. was indeed 2 floors and had a diner in it.

On Northern Boulevard next to the Mark Twain Diner there used to be an Arby's.  Where Rite Aid is now there was a C-Town.

On 76th St. just behind a small car lot there used to be Northern Lanes. Our other bowling alley.

Natives on 83rd and Northern used to be a movie theatre.

That's all that comes to mind at the moment. 

--- End quote ---

Excellent guys!  You've brought back many memories of the places I failed to mention in my original post.  The neighborhood sure has changed!  By the way, I remember putting a blouse on lay-away (do retailers still do this?) at the Field's department store.  I felt kind of obligated to do it because the saleslady was so pushy.  She only asked for $1.00 to hold the $10 blouse for me.  I lost the dollar because I never returned.  :embarassed:


--- Quote from: Ernie on November 25, 2007, 03:01:21 AM ---74 street, between 37th and Roosevelt ~ Jay Dee bakery
--- End quote ---
How I miss them. There used to be 4 bakeries in the local area that were the best in the City. Norgards, Avon, Steinway Bake Shop and Jay Dee. Those were the days that bakers used real butter, real eggs and fine chocolates instead of the crappy substitutes that most bake shops now use. One of my high school friends' Dad used to be a baker at Jay Dee. He used to take such pride in his work. Too bad we can't go back, huh!

I lived in and around Jackson Heights since 1979.  Some of the place I miss are:

Dragon Seed Restaurant on 86st/37ave - Great food and atmosphere and awesome tropical drinks.  For those who remember it was not just a Chinese restaurant but a Polynesian one also.

Continental Deli 82st/Roosevelt Ave / Graf's Deli 92st/37ave - good old fashioned delis with homemade salads

Mike's Deli - 82st/37 ave - You could by a sandwich and sit at a table without waitress service

Glendale Bake Shop - 82nd St just off 37th avenue - A good bakery with a good deli counter.  Was burnt to the ground in a fire around 1989 that also burned dowen the Continental Restaurant

Colony Movie Theater 82St between 37 Ave and Roosevelt Avenue and the Boulevard Theater on 82St and Northern Boulevard (There were three separate first run theaters in Jackson Heights at one time!).

Joey D's Pizza on 82 Street just south of Roosevelt Avenue.

These were just to name a few.  I am going to post a separate thread on all the bars in Jackson Heights that are now gone.


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