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Any long time Jackson Heights residents out there?

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--- Quote from: Tarbender on February 01, 2013, 09:09:41 AM ---Good morning! We also had a family Victory Garden in our lot (all the neighbors) on the corner of 82nd St. & 35th Ave. NW where we all grew tomatoes, carrots, etc. around the edges. Was in the Cub Scouts at St. Mark's Pack 201. Pastor was Scofield and Cub Master Fuller. Went to Mrs. Wills nursery school (right alongside Garden Country Day) then to kindergarten at P.S. 69, and grammar school at St. Joan of Arc. My folks moved to JH when they were married in 1930 and both passed away in JH in the 80's. Great memories.

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When my family moved to JH in 1946, I too became a Cub Scout in Pack 201 at St. Mark's Church. Here's a list of the kids I grew up with and went to school with who were also Cub Scouts with me in Pack 201: Lou Resseguie, who went on to star in Broadway musicals (and who recently passed away), Joe Allen, who became a hugely successful restaurateur both nationally and internationally, Whitby Ellsworth, Albert McDonald, Gerry Neary and Seth Mosely. This became the nucleolus of our neighborhood sports team known as the Jackson Heights Trojans. In 1986 we organized a reunion of this gang of guys in a restaurant in Manhattan and 14 out of 18 of those we were successful in locating showed up with their wives. Also, one of members who couldn't attend, had his sister there as a stand-in. And, believe it or not, one of our "Den Mothers" from Pack 201 (the mother of two in the group attending) also came. It was one of the most nostalgic events of my life. 


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--- Quote from: Avela on November 26, 2007, 03:41:45 PM ---Anybody here used to drink in The Golden Note? It was a classic bar on the corner of 75th Street and 37th Ave.

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I cannot believe The Golden Note still exists. When I returned from Korea in 1956, our crowd did all our drinking in this bar. It had a piano player in those days, and just the mention of it brings back so many memories.

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The Golden Note is long gone, maybe late 80's, if memory serves.

I worked at Leisure Video from 1990-1998. Eddie, Claudio, Emilio, Dave Morrison, Andy, Jason, Ernie, John, to name a few of the men that worked at the video store!!!

Abe Hill general store on 37th avenue between 74 street and 75 street


--- Quote from: D18B on November 16, 2016, 01:01:51 AM ---I lived in Elmhurst, close to Roosevelt in the 60's. Does anyone remember Savin, the discount store on Roosevelt, bet 90-91 street, or the Golden Rice Restaurant which was next door? There was a fantastic pizzeria on 90 St and Roosevelt that was amazing! They also had rotisserie chicken. Does anyone remember the (Italian) bread bakery on 90 Street,?The Dragon Seed, the one near Junction had the best butterfly shrimp with bacon. All of these places are long gone. It was a great place to grow up!

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I used to purchase my school supplies at Savin on Roosevelt Ave.
There was also a hobby shop next door. i think it was Gurtsenhabers. I used to by my Matchbox, Corgi cars, and model kits there.
On Northern Blvd, there was George's Hobby Shop where they would race HO cars.


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