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Hi everyone, new here to JH Life!

I live in a very small co-op and we need a new boiler maintenance company, someone to turn the boiler on and off when the seasons change, and for general inspections. We have a gas heat boiler.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


In over 15 years our building has gone thru several different companies.  This will sound libelous but I think most of them are slightly dishonest.  Ditto elevator companies.  I've never experienced anything like it.  No matter who we use, they say "the last company cheated us".  Then the new company proceeds to cheat us because that's what the NEXT company coming in says.  Geeesh!  Sometimes, when you have an emergency, your present company is busy so you bring in some other company.  The company you bring in says the company you're using is lousy.  Then when your regular company comes back for some problem, they say the Other company sabotaged you.  OH MY GAWD!!!! And if you don't sign "a contract", god forbid you have a problem during the winter.  They're "busy".  Right now we're using Abilene.    They're okay.  I'm not jumping up and down recommending them though.

Oh, BTW, I hope I didn't scare you!   :laugh:   I was ranting but I was laughing while I typed.  You probably couldn't hear that though, huh?   ;D

I wanted to go back to this because of an incident in my co-op this week.  Our elevator shut down.  Our present service company came and checked it out and then submitted a Proposal for OVER $7,400!

Since we don't usually have any serious problems with this particular elevator, the Board decided to call another company in for a second opinion/Proposal.  A Supervisor came out, spent 2 hours going over the elevator.  He lubricated where it was needed, tweaked something else  etc. and our elevator is working just fine again.

The first company would have had us without service for about a week waiting on parts they said were necessary plus they said our elevator needed to be "rehung".

I'm sharing this for all the shareholders on this site. I got involved with my co-ops Board because I had a feeling the building was bleeding money.  Don't let other people run your investment.  Get involved if you can.  I know I was ranting in my previous posts to esmits but this is why.  What happened this week is not uncommon.


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