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Cat, possibly a stray, with broken leg behind my building - What to do?


There is a cat behind my building -- could be a stray or a pet (not sure).  Looks like he/she has a broken rear leg.  Any suggestions as to an animal rescue I can contact about this?  I called one animal rescue and was directed to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals website. From there, I found the number for the city's Animal Care Center.  I've left a voicemail message but haven't heard back yet.

Do you know if the cat is feral or friendly?  You could try Bobbi and the Strays.  They are a rescue group.  Animal Care and Control is a kill shelter so the cat will most probably just be euthanized.  Where are you located?
I will ask around to see if there is anyone else
Can you feed him because he most probably cannot go hunting for food.

Is the back of your building accessible from the street? Can you take a picture of the cat and post the address? Advocat rescue might be able to help. I can't seem to find a number for them but they have a website and facebook page.


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