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Totto brand products arrive in U.S.


I have no connection to this company, and have never seen its products.  But this press release caught my eye, and seems worthy of noting here.  Totto, a supposedly popular Latin American brand of backpacks, handbags, and other gear, is available in the U.S. market for the first time -- and is having a kick-off party in Jackson Heights on December 16th.


Dec. 16: BrandChec LLC Marks Totto U.S. Arrival at La Pequena Colombia

Kickoff and U.S. market entrance celebration hosted from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at La Pequena Colombia in New York.

Media Advisory
NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 12, 2007 --- Principally a Central and South America brand for over 20 years, the tremendously popular Totto is making its way north to the shopping centers of the New York metro area. With Totto boasting nearly 200 stores outside the U.S., BrandChec Founders Keith M. Brandofino and Virna B. Pacheco have been awarded the exclusive right to distribute Totto-brand products in New York and New Jersey. BrandChec will also make Totto products available for online purchase for the first time ever at http://www.TottoUSA.com.

To celebrate the arrival of Totto to the U.S. and to kickoff TottoUSA (http://www.TottoUSA.com), BrandChec will host an event on December 16, 2007, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at La Pequena Colombia, 8327 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, 11372.

Brandofino was initially attracted to the brand and to its potential in the U.S. market by his girlfriend, a frequent traveler to Colombia who often returned with the latest Totto bag. "The opportunity to exclusively present the American market with goods already popular in another country presented itself to us," said Brandofino. "Our initial launch in the New York metro area will be in thriving Latin-American communities, which already have a recognition of the Totto brand but have been unable to purchase the products here, putting Totto in the right place at the right time."

For more information, contact Keith M. Brandofino, Esq., at (732) 501-4978 or by e-mail at BrandChec@yahoo.com.

MEDIA: To R.S.V.P. and to make arrangements to interview principals or receive high resolution product photos, contact Keith Brandofino at 212-5080457.

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Keith Brandofino
BrandChec, LLC
16B Dreyer Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314
PHONE. 212-5080457
EMAIL: brandchec@yahoo.com

My Columbian friends says these products are very famous in her city and not only that she thinks they are "really cute" so guess I will have to make a point of checking them out!

yea im "colombian" and in my city in colombia these are equivalent to what we see as like "jansport" or  "north face"


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