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Clark's Wedding dress 1934!!


I am the proud recipient of my great aunt's wedding dress from 1934! It is in the original box that says "Clark's Jackson Heights, NY". It is Beautiful!!! She and my great uncle were married almost 49 years and called Jackson Heights home for over 62 years! I have wonderful memories as a kid/adult visiting them from Bay Shore!!! I tried to locate the store but haven't had success; I wondered if anyone here might know the story of Clark's??? Thanks so much, Audrey

Clark's opened up in the late 1920s, I believe, and was a mainstay on 82nd Street for over 70 years.  It closed a few years back, but the brass letters: C L A R K ' S still remain on the sidewalk in front of the original entrance.  The Weiss family ran the business all those years, and their son Mark, lives in New Jersey now.

Thanks so much for your information! I only wish the store was still open to visit and shop!! The wedding dress is lovely, lacey, and looks great... I hope to wear it for our 35th anniversary :)

Beech Court:
From all the stories that I have heard it seems that if the Jackson Heights Grand Dames didn't get on the M32 bus and head for 5th Avenue, they did their shopping at Clark's. They had an upscale selection of clothing, accessories and costume jewelry for women. The other popular destination in the neighborhood was up the block. On 37th Avenue the block from 81st to 82nd street, north side, was the site of Field's department store, also fairly well-to-do in it's day. It's now the site of the Renaissance School. I'm glad you have your great aunt's dress. And congratulations on your 35th anniversary.


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