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Are You Parked on 34th ave between 73rd and 72nd, North side? Move your car!


 Sudden notices about moving your parked car on 34th ave between 73rd and 72nd streets on the North side for 12:00AM or it will be towed. I believe this is an illegal amount of notice - signs appeared to go up today- but no one wants to get towed so get out there first, move your vehicle and complain later.

FRESH AIR!! Yes, this is the ironic name of the camp which put up the signs way, way late to notify people that this camp would be happening here. Yes, on asphalt in the 95degree heat today. Not on the block east which is shady, has benches and a fountain and is across from the school with bathrooms. Nooo. On the street. Makes zero sense. Cruel to kids to have them in this location when there are other more hospitable choices..

  Please call Fresh Air at 212/897-8900 to complain about the takeover of 34th Ave between 72-73 with late notification on July 5th.


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