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Veterinarian recommendation?

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Hi all,

Can you recommend a good local vet? I was happy to see that Noah's Ark is close to me, but they charge $95 for an exam, which seems REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE (our fancy vet in Park Slope was only $65). I' prefer someone within walking distance, but I'd rather travel to a good vet than have a mediocre local one.


Astoria Veterinary Group on Steinway. We have 3 cats and a 50lb pit mix. I wouldn't take them anywhere else.

I've been going to Astoria Veterinary Group for over 20 years and wouldn't take my catchildren anywhere else. 

I've been to all the local vets and while I liked Dr. Tello, he is pricey. I do Not and would not recommend  any of the northern blvd vet places. I've been taking my fur babies to Heights animal hospital. We only like Dr. Rheile (make sure to check before making appointment). It is a no frills, not new or state of the art but I trust them. The staff have always been so sweet and caring.

Thanks for the recommendations! (Hopefully we won't need a vet anytime soon, but it's good to have some vets in mind.)


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