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OLDTIMERS! Did you live in Jackson Heights at any time prior to 1950?

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Funny to think of your attending the Song of Bernadette at the movie theater, we had the same experience when Joan of Arc with Ingrid Bergman came out. The whole school went down to the auditorium one morning and saw the movie. That was the only time I can remember the whole school in the auditorium together! In 1954 had the good fortune to go to California, Santa Ana, for the Boy Scout Jamboree with a Scoutmaster Arthur Ryland from Carona. Good man and good leader. Went there by train through the South and back the northern route by way of Chicago stopping at grand places along the way. One of the famous Jackson Heights stars I went all through grammar school with is the playwright John E. CARE who wrote THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES (the apartment he lived in on 82nd Street left side just before 37th Avenue that had "blue leaves" wallpaper in the lobby.) TWO GENTELEMEN OF VARONA (adaptation of Shakespeares) as well as the movie ATLANTIC CITY starring Burt Lancaster. As a young boy John Guare wrote short stories about his life that were read aloud in class by Sister St. Catherine and again a few years later by Sister Carmella two very fine ladies who were members of the Gray Nuns of the Sacred Heart teaching at St. Joan's. His efforts were hysterical and very original at the time and he continued writing stories at St. Johns Prep and then at Georgetown and Yale. I believe it was Tony Hope (Bob Hope's son who was at Georgetown) was helpful to John Guare in his career. I recently learned that another schoolmate has moved back to Jackson Heights and lives in his parents apartment and loves living there.

Hi Everyone-I was a long time resident of Jackson Heights & mostly remember 1948 to 1958. I lived at 37-52 89th street & went to PS 89 & JHS 145. Next to my building was an empty lot we played in, called the Defense Yard.
My great aunt had a book store around the corner on 37th Ave, between 89th & 90tn street-Bookshop Ida Dormitzer. Does anyone remember this?

I used to walk by that store a lot, my GF's dad had a stamp and coin shop on the same block

Where was the coin & stamp shop?

Jim's stamp shop was acroos the street from the Castle Cave, closer to 89th than to 90th


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