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Best lunch deals in Jackson Heights?

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What's your favorite lunch deal in Jackson Heights?

A couple of the Thai restaurants have good ones, here's Hug Esan's for example

Any other good deals out there?

Kitchen 79 also has a good variety of lunch options.

Any Tibetan/Nepalese restaurants/s price points are so low, it's lunch special everyday :)

Khao Kang basically is always a lunch special with perfect portions for me. I feel like a lot of the thai lunches aren't totally worth it.

Soooo many colombian and ecuadoran places have great lunch specials. My favorite is Organic Juice and Coffee on 82nd, below Roosevelt. They have either salmon or turkey wing and your choice of salads for $12 or so. I feel good that it's healthy

Brisas del Valle has pretty amazing lunch.


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