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Favorite Trader Joes products

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From the New York Times Wirecutter:

Having just recently visited the Trader Joe's at LIC/Court Square, I was surprised at how small that location is. There's no reason we couldn't have a Trader Joe's somewhere within walking distance.

Unlike Wegman's and Whole Foods, which require big box sized footprints in order to open their doors, Trader Joe's can get by with a normal supermarket sized space. Roosevelt Parc offers that if you combine the ground floor space with the basement (both vacant), which add up to about 16,000 sq. ft.

I love the greek 0% and jalapeno sauce too!  I like their frozen vegs to keep n hang for emergencies.  I also like their frozen pizza better than Amy's, and their meat lasagne, as well as their meatless meatballs.  I find the frozen foods hit and miss there too.  The burritos are pretty good, and some of the appetizers.  I like their low fat cheese sticks and the unexpected Cheddar.  I think their nut prices are good, as well as their prices on staples like almond flour, butter, tomato paste.  I don't like their bagged salads, I think they taste funny like all bagged salads, but I do like their salad dressings especially the low fat balsamic


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