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Jackson Heights in the Curbed Cup

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Hey everyone, (a great news/rumor source for NYC real estate) is having a best NYC neighborhood contest called the "Curbed Cup" and Jackson Heights is in the running!

Go to and scroll down to vote for our nabe. Right now JH needs the votes (JH 43.7% vs. FiDi 56.3%) so pass it along to your friends!

In the previous round, JH beat Bushwick(Brooklyn) so FiDi may be a bigger challenge but we have more personality so there's a good chance we could make it!

Oops, I think the poll may be over. It seemed like the voting was still on. Oh well, still good to be recognized by Curbed IMHO.

The comments on Curbed are very degrading towards Jackson Heights and immigrants in general. The zip code envy in this city is sad, bordering on deranged.

I agree. It is shocking to see such blatant hatred and ignorance esp. from other New Yorkers. There were several comments though that were very supportive about JH and I think showed the ridiculousness of the negative comments.

If this was your first time reading comments on Curbed posts, I can see why you'd be surprised and disappointed.  But the truth is that the comments always tend to be this way - no matter what the topic.  For some reason, it's just the nature of the beast.


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