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Traditional kettle-boiled bagels s are coming to Roosevelt Ave!

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Liberty Bagel, a nice ,full service bagel place located in midtown is opening a store on Roossevelt & 82nd. Yay! This is the real deal. Don't know when it's opening but the sign is up and they are doing work inside.

They are EXTREMELY popular with tourists. I don't even know where they came from. I think it's instagram famous bc the bagels get crazy. Strange they are coming here.


Agree interesting they are opening here on Roosevelt.  Good to see they have a location in mid-town with good reviews.  Would have preferred a more chill bagel place/cafe like New York City Bagel and Coffee, or Brooklyn Bagels away from Roosevelt, but any decent bagel shop in Jackson Heights is great news.

They have a placeholder website page for the Jackson Heights location:


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